How To Heal a Sprained Ankle Quickly

How To Heal a Sprained Ankle Quickly

A sprained ankle is a minor injury but can have lifetime effects if not treated properly. Sprains are caused by a breakage of the ligaments which are fibrous tissues that connect bones to other bones. Spraining your ankle can have effects to other parts of your leg as well.

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How to heal a sprained ankle is not the main question you should be asking but how to heal it quicker. There are some methods that can help you get rid of your sprained ankle but will take weeks or months.

What if you are needed in the field next week or you are up for a ballet performance a few days from now?

Steps To Heal a Sprained Ankle

The first thing to do when you hurt you ankle is to identify whether or not it is sprained. In order to find out, seek help from a medical doctor or go to the nearest hospital. Do not touch or do anything to the affected area if there is swelling or extreme pain. Here are some important steps to keep in mind:

Step 1

Call a doctor or a professional. This would be the simplest and the most basic thing to do. It’s common sense.

Step 2

Prepare a clean and soft towel, crutches if necessary, bandages, a regular pain reliever, and an ice pack.

Step 3

While you are being brought to the hospital, waiting for a physical therapist or staying at home, wrap the ice pack with a clean towel. Place it on the affected area to tone down the swelling. Let it remain on your ankle for at least 20 minutes but don’t let it sit longer than 30 minutes.

Step 4

Proceed to medical help. The doctor will examine your injury through an x-ray to know how severe the condition is and identify if any bones have been broken.

Step 5

List the recommendations and information that are given by a professional. If you have a third-degree sprain, you will need to more intesnsely care for the condition.

You may get a cast, attend sessions for physical therapy or perhaps even undergo an operation. Do not attempt to disregard an expert’s advice because self-medication may lead to a worse condition.

Step 6

Rest your ankle for seven days if you have acquired a grade 1 or 2 sprains. To stimulate blood flow, place it somewhere to elevate it above heart level for two days. Do not keep it idle but try to do some minimal movements like twisting or shifting it from side to side.

Keeping a sprained idle is not advisable. Try to know more on this together with scientific research from H.E.M Ankle Rehab.

Step 7

Apply a few ice packs which you have wrapped with a clean towel to keep the swelling down but do not leave the pack on for too long. Ten minutes should be enough to make the area numb, but this method actually prevents some blood flow which is crucial for the ankle rehabilitation. Again, for more information, check out the successful results and services offered by H.E.M. Ankle Rehab.

Step 8

Cover your ankle with a compression bandage. This will give the area some protection and support all around. Recall how your doctor did the first covering. He or she may have also explained to you how to properly wrap your sprained ankle. It will depend on what kind of sprain you have obtained.

Step 9

Take the prescribed medicine by your doctor or some over-the-counter painkillers. Do not take much. For instance, only medicate when the pain is intolerable or the discomfort you feel is too much.

This will be able to help ease any aches or swelling. Try to read the instructions on how to take in any medicine for best results.

Fast and Easy Ways To Heal a Sprained Ankle

As mentioned before, there are many ways you can heal a sprain. Knowing several solutions or  traditional methods are helpful, but knowing how to help sprains heal fast and easy with some improvements is always a better option.

There is a new service introduced in the market nowadays which is affordable and devoted to a fast healing for your sprained ankle. This is called H.E.M. Ankle Rehab. This program is dedicated to help with sprained ankles, not only by diminishing and eliminating pain and soreness, but doing it all fast.

The program works well for new and old sprains that seem to take a lot of time to recover. If a sprain does heal, it is likely to happen again in a matter of time.

H.E.M Ankle Rehab wants you to recover rapidly through the human body’s natural healing response to any pain, wounds, or injury. This procedure will not require you to purchase a special device nor will it ask for any equipment to be used during your rehabilitation.

It does not encourage any artificial processes, the use of ice or more time to rest your ankle. Instead, it is dedicated to helping you recover fast by significantly aiding the flow of your blood which results in more cells to fight against bacteria and help restore the damage to your ligaments. These cells will also cause the removal of any harmful waste or scar tissue that contributes to the swelling of your ankle.

Lastly, with the repair of the tissue and your efforts to fully recover fast by doing the recommended stretches or exercises under H.E.M., expect that not only will you get rid of your sprained ankle but will feel renewed and stronger. The thorough and step-by-step instructions of this program will help you live a healthier lifestyle and prevent acquiring more injuries in the future.

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