Best Way to Treat a Sprained Ankle: Not R.I.C.E.

Best Way to Treat a Sprained Ankle: Not R.I.C.E.

The R.I.C.E. method has been a popular way for treating sprained ankles. This easy to catch acronym actually stands for R- Rest, I- Ice, C- Compression, and E-Elevation. Surely this idea of sprained ankle treatment is helpful and somewhat effective, but if you are looking for the best way to treat a sprained ankle then here are some things you need to know and understand before settling for the traditional way.

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There is a present program called H.E.M., from H.E.M. Ankle Rehab, an acronym as easy to remember as R.I.C.E but even more effective and with easy step for a fast recovery for you and your ankle. Before you know it you’ll be up and running in no time.

The H.E.M. Program: Best Treatment

In order to fully understand the benefits of H.E.M. Ankle Rehab Program, first learn the meaning of H.E.M:

H – Healthy Blood Flow

E – Eliminate Swelling

M- Mobility

These three factors are the program’s key for a fast and safe way of rehabilitating your ankle that is why it is considered as the best way to treat a sprained ankle. Even if you are not a medical specialist, understanding these three will help you on the proper caring of your ankle sprain.

First, in order to have a healthy blood flow you need to eat the right kind of food that helps in circulation. In addition to that, H.E.M. will show you how the proper techniques in increasing the flow of Macrophages which fight off bad cells and cleanse the affected area resulting to a fast and safe healing of your ankle.

The goal of this first step is to increase and strengthen the human immune system which will not only benefit your ankle but you entire body as well.

Second, if you have maintained a healthy blood flow since your injury, the bad cells and broken tissues will not settle in the affected area therefore will reduce and eventually eliminate swelling. Usually, swelling tones down after one to two months at least but with the techniques taught in the H.E.M. program. This step guarantees to effectively get rid of damaged scar tissues and remove swelling only in a number of days rather than months.

Third, the common reason that sprained ankles don’t heal properly or take a long time to heal is because some people expect it to heal on its own. They don’t do anything about it, some wrap it in bandages, lay some ice on it and just let it sit on a pillow for days not moving it what so ever.

This is why the techniques shown in H.E.M. is very effective for it is dedicated in regaining the mobility on your ankles plus strength improvement and a more stability. Moreover it ensures a lesser risk of spraining the same ankle all over again.

Some Medical Recommendations with H.E.M. points applied

If you used to do the R.I.C.E. method and one of those steps is compression, meaning wrapping your ankle with bandages or a boot, then you have to understand that sometimes compressing the affected area prevents or hinders blood flow resulting in prolonged swelling.

Now, resting is a must when you have an ankle injury but not to the point where you immobilize your ankle for a long period of time letting it heal on its own. When resting your ankle, it helps when you place it on an elevated angle, but if the injury is not that severe, do some stretches or minor movements to help you regain motion with your foot.

If you are hesitant, H.E.M. Program is highly recommended for safe and easy steps you can follow on the movements that you should do.

Some experts’ advice the alphabet exercises wherein you try to write the alphabet with your injured foot. When you have done this for some time now, proceed to the contrast water therapy which calls for hot and cold water. The trick is to pour the water in separate containers where you can dunk your whole foot in.

Note that the temperature of both should only be up to how much you can tolerate. Start by dunking your injured foot and ankle into the hot water container for at least two minutes. Gradually start with the alphabet exercise and see to it that only a minimal pain is felt.

Next, transfer injured foot to the cold water container and let it rest for at least two minutes completely. This exercise can be done in at least three cycles and notice how swollen your ankles are still. If the swelling has gone down, you can end your contrast in the hot water container but in the cold one if otherwise. Continue to do this whole process a few hours for three to four times daily.

At a point that you are able to place weight on your injured leg, then you can try and place weight on your entire foot while you are at a sitting position. This stage will prepare you to try and walk slowly but do not pressure or burden yourself let alone your injured leg.

If you are able to walk by placing a significant amount of your weight to your injured leg then cease trying for now. Start again when you will be able to put more weight in it. If you force this process you may suffer more injuries aside from worse pain on the ankles but you might injure your knee and hip bone along on that leg.

These are just some recommended best way to treat a sprained ankle. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money for a physical therapy or seeing a doctor constantly then we suggest you try H.E.M. Ankle Rehab.

However, if you think you have a sprain or have injured your ankle in some way, best to let a doctor examine your injury first before trying anything else. The H.E.M program is not recommended for those going to undergo surgery or have a much severe situation. People who suffer from weak ankles can try out H.E.M. for them to strengthen their leg and improve on their balance.

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